Twenty-One Goals: Review

Some of you may remember I made a post the day after my birthday last year (if you don't remember or need a little refresher, here's the link: It was a list of twenty-one goals for my twenty-first birthday.

Here's how it went:

  1. Discover my photography style: I think I've pretty much got it down. My Instagram feed looks pretty coherent, and lately I've been sticking with the same preset. I'm happy about it.
  2. Expand my Etsy shop: Mmm, while I didn't add new items, I did add new banners. This kind of got put on the back burner while photography really made itself the priority, which I am totally okay with.
  3. Get healthy: I can't say I got as healthy as I wanted to be, but I did lose 12 pounds and a whole size in clothes, so I can't complain. I'll be returning back to my keto diet after my birthday tomorrow. I also really have to start running more. Or just in general.
  4. Book more photography gigs: This happened!! Big shout out to Jesus and everyone who booked with me. You are all STARS. Let's make it even MORE this year!!
  5. Completely brand a new business: I made quite a few logos, but I didn't completely brand a business besides my new wedding and engagement photography business. So I guess that counts. Maybe a branding business will come somewhere down the road after photography gets old (which may not ever happen). I won't be mad about it.
  6. Go on a mission trip: Ugh, I honestly think this one will be the only one I'm truly upset about. I'm feeling guilty. I wanted to go, but I didn't quite make the effort. I could have made this happen. 
  7. Blog more: I think I did pretty okay. I added a few blogs to this site, and also wrote a few for Daisy Jar. I'm content with this. Though, I just realized I completely forgot to write a December blog. OOPS.
  8. Make more friends: While they aren't my new best friends forever, I can definitely say I met some cool people and reconnected with others. They're all super rad and I hope to grow closer with them in the future!
  9. Continue to support myself: Check! We're good to go. I'd still consider myself poor af but at least I can pay my bills and treat myself to Chilli's every once in a while. That's good, right?
  10. Read more: I have started many books, magazines, and Audiobooks. Have I finished them? No. It'll get there.
  12. Collaborate with businesses/brands: I did this and it was SO much fun. I love commercial work! This past year, I was lucky enough to score a job with an awesome marketing company. I've done pictures for Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Checkers & Rally's, Woodspring Hotels, Wawa, and the VCA Animal Hospital. I can't wait to continue working with them.
  13. Travel: Yep, did some local staycations in Orlando, Sebastian, and Vero Beach. Then I did some bigger vacations/workcations to Savannah and North Carolina. This year I'll be visiting Jersey, New York City, and Illinois!
  14. Get rid of stuff: I did get rid of a lot of clothes this year, as well as some miscellaneous things. There is definitely more to get rid of, though.
  15. Buy a car: I DID IT. I GOT MY LICENSE AND I HAVE A CAR. This is my biggest accomplishment of the year. I was honestly so nervous about this, but I'm so glad I did it. #freedom
  16. Pay off (some) debt: While I paid off some debt, I didn't pay it all off. Unfortunately, pretty much every dollar I put towards my camera gear this past year was eaten up by crappy interest. I'm working on it. Money sucks.
  17. Build something: Did I build something? What did I even want to build?? I don't think I built anything. Idk idk.
  18. Grow closer with God: My relationship with God is ever growing. #truth
  19. Give: I could have given more, but I think I gave a lot. Next year I'll give more.
  20. Journaling: I started a journal/scrapbook thing, but I haven't been keeping up! I have to get on it!
  21. New blog: I really did want to make this new blog. I would still like to, but I need people and people didn't really seem interested in it. If it happens one day, it will. 

Overall, I think I did pretty okay for a list of twenty-one goals. I'm not super upset about any of them if I didn't completely accomplish them because I have plenty of life left to keep working. Anyways. Expect another blog post with twenty-two goals tomorrow. Until then, bye!

by vern

The Little Moments Project - Week 1 - January 2017

Hi everybody! Happy (almost) February!

The words in this post will be short and sweet, because it's ultimately a photography project. As some of you know, I watch my niece and nephew during the week so I decided to get creative and capture everyday life, or the little moments, with them. So get ready for lots of pictures of cute kids! (PS. I had the day off Monday, January 2nd hence the reason for no pictures!) (PS. PS. There are also slideshows within this blog post, so it loads easier. Be sure to click through those!)

Tuesday, January 3rd

Wednesday, January 4th

Thursday, January 5th

Friday, January 6th

So far, I've been loving this project. Not only do I get to document my day with the kids, but I also get to be creative with lighting, editing, and more. During sessions with clients, I have a hard time getting artistic with things. I feel like they won't like it, or they'll want something more traditional. This year, I plan on straying away from that. While I want to make my clients happy, I also want to make myself happy, motivated, and encouraged. 

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this! More pictures coming soon!

by vern

Opportunities: October + November + December 2016

Have you ever scrolled through your picture roll and noticed how much has happened over the past three months? Maybe it's just me, because I tend to take pictures of everyone and everything. I may also be a photographer, so I guess that must have something to do with it.

(On a side note, I'm starting this post with absolutely no theme in mind. Normally, I come up with a theme during the month, just randomly. But nothing really stuck with me. So as of now, I'm just writing. I have no idea where this is going.)

It's been three months since I did my last monthly reflection(s). I blame this on my schedule, but I've decided I am really going to put time aside to do this every month from now on. Anyways. I'm relying heavily on Snapchat and Instagram right now to remind me on what's been going on.


In the beginning of October, the first major hurricane in about twelve years was hitting my little hometown. The original plan was to stay, but I ended up running away to the west coast of Florida with my sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew, and cat. Thankfully, everyone and everything was okay. After the hurricane, it was crunch time because at the end of the month I was going to see my little cousin graduate from boot camp. Well, that crunch time turned into hella crunch time because I had the amazing opportunity to second shoot a wedding in Savannah, Georgia a few days prior (I plan on making a blog post for that trip because I fell in love with Savannah. PS shout out to Emely for inviting me!). I hung out in Orlando after that trip to spend time with Chase for his 21st birthday, but only a few days later I was on the road again. My family jumped into a big van and we were headed for Parris Island, South Carolina (again, I plan on making a separate blog post for that trip as well)! From there, I was back in Orlando for some sessions and Halloween. At this point, I hadn't been home for about 2-3 weeks and I was exhausted, but it was well worth it. Here are some pictures of October:


November began with a couple of weddings, which are always fun. But the biggest thing that happened in November was my new full-time "job". I took on the challenge to watch two cute, cuddly, and sassy (if that's what you want to call it) kids: my niece and nephew. I'm not going to lie, it's a lot of work. I give props to all those full-time mom and dads out there. I know I'm personally not ready for a child of my own, but I am extremely blessed and grateful I get to watch the kiddos during the week. I love watching them grow. With that being said, the rest of November was spent learning how to juggle nannying, photography, Etsy, and school. I haven't quite mastered it yet, but I'll get there eventually. I also started working as a freelance photographer for a marketing company, which will hopefully lead me in the path of creative direction! I was slacking on picture taking in November, but here they are:


The last month of the year was quite the blur. The kids kept me busy during the day, final exams kept me up at night, and photography made it's way into any available time. Christmas came quickly, and it was definitely the break I needed. I love getting to spend so much time with family around the holidays. What a nice refresher. Here are some favorite pictures from December:

The last three months were filled with so many opportunities. 

October was filled with adventure, November was filled with new jobs, and December was filled with some free time and family. I can't complain too much about 2016 - it treated me well. There were some hard parts, but there were also some amazing parts. I'd like to try and make a 2016 in review post, but we'll see. You all know how good I am with blogging, and I've already promised two other posts in this post (yikes). I'm excited to see what 2017 has in store. 

I hope everyone has an amazing year. Sending good vibes your way!

by vern